Silicone White Polyester

Special features of this production

  • Cuttability for
  • It has High adhesion power
  • Producing with high tolerance
  • At that usage area or leather, It don’t make any wrinkle, strain or pull-off

The fields for application

  • It is using for strengthening tape at shoe, bag etc. leather products.
  • It provide high power for stitching of under the leather produce of bag, shoe, coat etc. In the Leather Industry
  • With application to shoe, bag etc. , it provides strengh and high quality to products as a structural
Carrier Material Raw Cotton Cloth
Type of stick Natural Rubber
Protector Silicone Paper
Weight of Protector 65 gr
Total Thickness 200 µm
Sticking on the steel 2,7 N/cm
Length in Metres 50m – 100m