Masking Tape

Masking tapes has high adhesion power for industral usage and general usage. It has easy remove after application without any trace and that’s why it is so useful for applications. It has a good results for application of painting and kind of painting. It can remove without any trace at high heat.

The fields for application

  • It is ideal for Painting etc. applications.
  • It is ideal for industry and general using applications.

Technical Features

  • Producing by Solvent-bassed acrylic glue technology.
  • It has durability for 1200 C
  • It has High adhesion power
  • It can remove easily without any trace
  • (9 mm x 40 m) – (12 mm x 40 m) – (15 mm x 40 m) – (19 mm x 40 m) – (25 mm x 40 m) – (38 mm x 40 m) – (50 mm x 40 m)